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We’re all busy mamas, corporate bosses, students and entrepreneurs juggling 10 different tasks… The last thing we need is another boring planner to plot it all out!

The 2018 Own Your Peace Daily Planner is one way to get and stay organized, while increasing the peace and creativity in your everyday life!

Planner owners are the first to see the newest paint party masterPEACES from At Peace Arts, as each month features a new painting. THREE of the them are coloring pages!

The monthly grid works perfectly for those that prefer the long layout where you can see your tasks across 3 parts of your life or the traditional block calendar.

The weekly grocery and Peaces of my Week pages make meal planning simple with a place to write out your meals, what you need to defrost and your grocery lists, help you track the things you want to accomplish and the things you DID accomplish while celebrating the peaces of your week!  There’s even a budget page and master meal list at the back of the planner this year!

The daily pages allow tons of space for really getting down to the nitty gritty of what you need to get done or can hold your journal entry for the day…or just your doodles!

The Own Your Peace Planner was created out of a need to bring all of the crazy, amazing, fun, loving, and peace-filled parts of my life all together in a way that worked for me.  I hope it will do the same for you!

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