Baggage is for Airports

Pieces of Peace Newsletter- Spreading Peace Through Creativity

Hi Love!
It’s no secret that it can be REALLY hard to shed the weight of the stuff we’ve been through.  No matter how hard we try we may never fully forget, but I have found it to be so important to acknowledge when the baggage is showing up, weighing you down..and when it’s time to let it go so that your hands are free to grab something better…

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What’s holding you back from your AWESOMENESS & Peace?  What do you think you need to do/feel/say to overcome or make peace with it?  I want to stand with you in it!

Speaking of Baggage…

I don’t know why, but one of my PEACES of baggage that I carry with me is holding on to EVERYTHING!  I save jars and containers like I’m preparing for the zombie apocalypse and 10 jelly jars are what will save my life, I swear!  So, in an effort to clean out my studio & create, I decided to paint some canvas bags!  You get first dibs on them before I release the pics to social media tomorrow!  The BONUS: These bags are too cute to haul heavy baggage…only a few things that you want to bring and some awesomeness! I had so much fun creating them and am so excited to share that joy with you!

Click on the links below to select your bag(s).  There is literally only ONE of each!  Each bag will be heat pressed and ready to be shipped to you. Perfect for the Beach or a quick shopping trip. $40 each (includes shipping!)

Summer is HERE!  Time for Backyard Paint Parties!!! 
As always, you can book a Paint Party from the comfort of home or some other location with your closest friends and family! Paint Parties are a perfect solution for a FANTABULOUS Work or Family HOLIDAY party, Girls’ Night, bachelorette party, wedding shower, baby shower, birthday party, family & school reunions, team-building workshop, fundraiser and any other event where you want nothing more than to spread LOVE, LAUGH out loud and BE AT PEACE!!! 

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